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AMCA Certified Ratings: Assurance that an HVLS Fan Performs to Spec

If you’re an architect or an HVAC system designer or engineer, you know the importance of specifying system components that meet ANSI, HVI and ISO test standards. This is especially true for HVLS fans, which are being used more frequently in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities to lower energy costs and increase air circulation.

A not-for-profit organization, Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA), is comprised of 250 of the world’s manufacturers of air system equipment, including fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains and other components. Part of its mission is to test and rate air movement products in accordance with national and International testing standards.

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MacroAir Blows Competitor Right Out of the Warehouse

Chegg, the company that rents and sells textbooks to students at over 6,400 college campuses, has a huge warehouse in Louisville, KY — a warehouse that was costing them over $100,000 a month to keep cool using air conditioning.

Understandably, the company needed a cost-effective way to reduce its cooling costs and turned to HVLS fans. They first looked at a well-known competitor fan but also heard that they should consider MacroAir fans.

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The Guarantee

Our Performance Guarantee:

Purchase a MacroAir fan. Install it where it can be tested and compared to any competitor’s HVLS fan of equal diameter and horsepower.  If after a 30-day comparison, it is not your opinion that the MacroAir model affected more space and generally felt better than our competition, send the undamaged MacroAir fan back to 794 South Allen St. San Bernardino, California 92408 and receive a full refund or credit.

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A Great Partnership

I am so very excited to be able to announce a recent development here at MacroAir that really has the office buzzing!  MacroAir has been selected to collaborate with 4Front Engineered Solutions and will be manufacturing HVLS fans for 4Front under Kelley and Serco brand names.

Being selected to collaborate with 4Front on this project is such an extreme honor.  It is because MacroAir excels in areas of importance, such as performance, durability, safety, and quality of manufacturing, that we were chosen as the only HVLS manufacturer deserving enough to be labeled with the Kelley and Serco name.  This partnership only solidifies our standing as the industry leader in HVLS fan technology!

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An Exceptional Design

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m very proud of our products!  As a company, we strive to offer this innovative HVLS technology coupled with a design that results in an exceptionally crafted fan that is easily installed and maintained.  Additionally, we ensure that our fans meet proper safety standards and code compliances.  I’d like to explain to you how our fans, specifically our Airvolution and MaxAir product lines, address these three key issues: safety, simplified installation and long service life.

When our factory guidelines are followed and the provided components are used, several safety standards are addressed.  The lockable service disconnect is within 50 feet and in line-of-sight from the fan assembly, which complies with OSHA and NEC regulations.  Additionally, the motor control panel is much less likely to be damaged by trucks or equipment and the wiring is located at ceiling height and out of reach from unauthorized personnel.  Further, the remote switch box and communications cable both contain only low voltage circuits, which pose no shock hazards.

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