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MacroAir Blows Competitor Right Out of the Warehouse

Chegg, the company that rents and sells textbooks to students at over 6,400 college campuses, has a huge warehouse in Louisville, KY — a warehouse that was costing them over $100,000 a month to keep cool using air conditioning.

Understandably, the company needed a cost-effective way to reduce its cooling costs and turned to HVLS fans. They first looked at a well-known competitor fan but also heard that they should consider MacroAir fans.

When we got the call, we said we’d do an apple-to-apple challenge: that is, we were willing to go head-to-head with our competitor.

Once both fans were installed, it was pretty apparent which fans blew more wind — MacroAir’s Six-Blade HVLS fans.

Says Paul, Sr. Operations Manager for Chegg, “We even had the guys from the competitor come out to see why their fans didn’t perform as well. They said MacroAir fans just blew more wind and left.”

Want to save money on your heating and cooling costs? Consider MacroAir fans. And if you’re on the fence and debating buying from one of our competitors, take our challenge first. We’ll gladly install a fan in your warehouse or other facility to see how it performs – fan to fan — against our competitor.

Try our fan for 30 days. If you believe it doesn’t perform better, we’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed. MacroAir Six-Blade HVLS fans — We blow more wind. Period.