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MacroAir Offers Calculator Applications on Website to Help Determine High Volume, Low Speed Needs

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. Sept. 10, 2012 – In an effort to provide a fast and easy way to determine just how much high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans can help lower energy use and save money on HVAC costs, MacroAir has added two free calculator applications to its website that show fan solution options for specific building specifications.

MacroAir, a leading manufacturer of large size commercial ceiling fans and originator of the HVLS industry category, provides air movement solutions through five fan lines and a variety of sizes. Using specific building information, MacroAir’s cooling and destratification calculators help determine the right MacroAir fan (or fans) to achieve optimal air movement and results. The cooling and destratification calculators can be found at

  • Cooling calculator: Keeping an environment cool can be achieved by efficiently circulating cool air, which can also help lower the dependency on traditional A/C units. By entering a building’s length and width, the cooling calculator will show how many and which MacroAir fans will work best in the space to achieve desired cooling effects.
  • Destratification calculator: Keeping an even air temperature from floor to ceiling in a large building like a warehouse or hangar can be challenging. MacroAir fans can help achieve destratification by effectively moving and mixing air to create uniform temperatures. For destratification calculations, the building’s length, width and height (in feet), plus the targeted air changes per hour, are needed. Results will show which MacroAir fans, by line and size, will work best in the space.

“Our goal is to give architects, engineers, building operations managers — anyone touched by HVAC system design and effectiveness — a simple, yet practical introduction to HVLS technology,” said Eddie Boyd, MacroAir president. “MacroAir fans are proven to lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent in a variety of building settings, and our calculator tool is a good place to start to see how savings can be achieved.”

To learn how MacroAir’s HVLS 6ixBladetechnology can be applied within agriculture, commercial, industrial and educational settings, visit the MacroAir fans 6ixBlade page.

Please note: calculators are designed for use as a quick guide only and use information specific to MacroAir fans. Actual number of fans per square footage may differ due to obstructions and/or pre-existing HVAC equipment. For a comprehensive evaluation per facility, MacroAir or a certified MacroAir distributor should be consulted.

About MacroAir

Since developing the first HVLS prototype in 1998, MacroAir continues to serve as an HVLS industry leader through its commitment to innovation and design of the most durable and cost-effective commercial ceiling fans on the market. As the “engineers of air,™” MacroAir produces energy-efficient, long-lasting HVLS fans that are utilized by companies such as Coca-Cola and can be found in barns, warehouses, manufacturing plants, airplane hangars and retail establishments across the U.S. and around the world. To learn more about the HVLS industry and MacroAir’s line of HVLS fans, visit or call 866/668-3247. Find the company on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and engage with MacroAir experts via LinkedIn and Google+.