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An Exceptional Design

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m very proud of our products!  As a company, we strive to offer this innovative HVLS technology coupled with a design that results in an exceptionally crafted fan that is easily installed and maintained.  Additionally, we ensure that our fans meet proper safety standards and code compliances.  I’d like to explain to you how our fans, specifically our Airvolution and MaxAir product lines, address these three key issues: safety, simplified installation and long service life.

When our factory guidelines are followed and the provided components are used, several safety standards are addressed.  The lockable service disconnect is within 50 feet and in line-of-sight from the fan assembly, which complies with OSHA and NEC regulations.  Additionally, the motor control panel is much less likely to be damaged by trucks or equipment and the wiring is located at ceiling height and out of reach from unauthorized personnel.  Further, the remote switch box and communications cable both contain only low voltage circuits, which pose no shock hazards.

The MacroAir design also offers a simplified installation.  Our motor cable kits meet NEC specifications for “open wiring,” which means they do not require conduit, saving our customers valuable time and material for installation.  And because our control circuit switching and wiring operate with low voltage and can be connected with a shielded communications cable, there is no need for additional conduit and wiring there either.  A considerable amount of conduit, wiring and installation time can also be saved when multiple fans are installed, as several fans can be controlled from a single remote switch box.

And finally, our design also ensures a long service life on our HVLS fans.  When installed within recommended lengths, our variable frequency drives and motors run cooler, which results in a longer service life for electrical components.  Bearings and gearing are also granted a longer service life because of reduced electrical harmonics in the motor lead circuit, which also assures a much quieter fan operation, as well.  Additionally, due to several design components, MacroAir fans are equipped with the necessary filters and cables to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as radio frequency interference (RFI) which reducing the possibility of interference or malfunction of any specialized or sensitive electronic equipment.

Okay, so that may sound like a lot of shop talk, so to speak, but rest assured, when you purchase a MacroAir fan, you are getting an HVLS fan that is well designed, meets safety standards, saves on installation time and cost, and will work for you for a long time to come.  And that is an exceptional design!

Until next time!