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AMCA Certified Ratings: Assurance that an HVLS Fan Performs to Spec

If you’re an architect or an HVAC system designer or engineer, you know the importance of specifying system components that meet ANSI, HVI and ISO test standards. This is especially true for HVLS fans, which are being used more frequently in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities to lower energy costs and increase air circulation.

A not-for-profit organization, Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA), is comprised of 250 of the world’s manufacturers of air system equipment, including fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains and other components. Part of its mission is to test and rate air movement products in accordance with national and International testing standards.
According to Marian Vambreck, Director of Membership, Marketing and Communication, AMCA’s state-of-the-art testing laboratory is the largest of its kind in the world. The testing facility is equipped with the latest testing equipment, some of which includes:

  • Four reverberant sound rooms, ranging in size from 6,300 cubic feet to 61,700 cubic feet
  • Multi nozzle chambers that can measure airflow up to 88,000 cfm
  • A circulator fan facility capable of testing up to 96-inch fans

The laboratory, which is A2LA accredited, follows strict procedures when testing products for its Certified Ratings Program and tests in accordance with ANSI, HVI and ISO air performance standards.

What does this mean for you?

When you spec AMCA-certified products into your HVAC and building designs, you’re assured of validated product performance ratings based on standard test methods and procedures. Air movement products, such as HVLS fans, can carry AMCA performance seals only after ratings have been submitted to and approved by AMCA’s staff. In addition, each certified product line is subject to continuing check tests every three years.

It also means that AMCA Certified Performance Ratings are your way of comparing HVLS fan performance ratings among the various manufacturers.

Here at MacroAir, we’re proud to state that our Airvolution 8, 10, and 12-foot HVLS fans have been certified by AMCA for fan performance. In fact, we’re the only HVLS fan manufacturer to certify our fans. Feel free to download our Certified Catalogs.

The AMCA-approved method of measuring the performance of HVLS fans is to measure the thrust, which is the force the fan produces as a result of the air being pushed through it. The higher the thrust value of an HVLS fan, the higher the volume of air or performance. A formula can be used to convert from thrust to CFM, but the results are only certifiable for 8 feet and below. Thrust values are used to certify fans above 8 feet.

Why don’t we certify our fans above 12-feet in diameter? The answer is simple: AMCA doesn’t have a facility large enough!

To help you spec fans into your next HVAC or building design, we’ve completely revamped our Engineering and Design Guide. In addition, you can find CAD resources and spec sheets in our Architects and Engineers Section on our Website.

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