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HVLS Fans Offer Mounting Versatility - Almost Any Axis

For years we've known of the energy-efficient advantages offered by High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans. The HVLS advantage derives from the wide smooth column of slow-moving air created by the large diameter fans. The blade design of the fan produces proportionally less turbulence at its periphery than a narrow column of fast-moving air typically created by a smaller, faster fan. Turbulence at the periphery of the column of moving air consumes energy imparted by the fan motor. Also, a turbulent, high-velocity air jet dissipates very quickly. Per unit of energy input, air moving in a large slow column travels further to impact more area.


Modern ceiling-mounted HVLS fans are excellent options for large permanent structures such as factories, livestock barns, and shopping malls. There are many other applications, however, where permanent ceiling fans cannot be used, but the cooling and heating benefits are needed and the energy savings afforded by HVLS fans are important to the bottom line (and to the company's natural resource stewardship).

Temporary Housing for Refugees or Natural Disaster Evacuees:


Initial housing for disaster victims can often only be supplied with very large tents. These reinforced fabric shelters gain heat very rapidly when exposed to sunlight. Ventilation for these temporary shelters is critical for both health and comfort.

To some extent, air can move through tents with powerful high-speed fans strategically placed near tent entrances and/or within. This approach, however, is noisy and creates uncomfortable zones of very rapidly moving and turbulent air. HVLS fans can solve these problems. MacroAir's AVD370 fan provides the needed ventilation, without turbulence and noise. Using just one or two quiet fans mounted on temporary poles within the tent will cut ventilation costs substantially. Plus, it will greatly improve the comfort level inside the tents.

The AVD370 operates with only a 3/4 hp motor at $0.37 cents per day. Yet fans move vast amounts of air every minute! In addition, they are fully reversible for winter applications.

US Military Forward Operating Bases:

Forward operating military bases often are not designed to support large-diameter HVLS fans. Such is the case with many temporary use facilities. In the case of military applications, the issue is often ceiling height rather than structural integrity. Once again, the flexible mounting characteristics of MacroAir's HVLS fans make them an attractive option for keeping interior spaces comfortable, and easy to mount vertically, horizontally, or anywhere in between on a pole, stand, or wall. These efficient and versatile fans still move more air than any other fan in their class.

Mining and drilling applications:

Getting a deep mine or drill site into production often requires the arrival and departure of a number of specialist groups to the site to prepare the mine shaft or drill site for production. The workers who carry out these tasks move from site to site and keep the jobs going 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The structures they live in while at job sites are often mobile, and represent another valuable and efficient application for MacroAir's HVLS system.

Ocean Oil Drilling Rigs:

Drilling platforms have a long enough service life to warrant the installation of ducted air conditioning in designated areas of the platform where crew members sleep and dine. Crews spend much of their time in shop and maintenance areas not effectively air-conditioned. HVLS fan units can effectively serve these areas. This can make the air in a partially opened shop feel as much as 15 degrees cooler, even without any permanent ducted air conditioning system in place.


Further, the versatile mounting options of these smaller HVLS fans mean the comfort can be available in virtually any area. Contact MacroAir to help you get started today. We are here to help you with all your installation needs!