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What are the Typical Mounting Options for HVLS Fans?

Mounting options for HVLS fans is an important concern. Even if you purchase a top-quality fan that fits your needs, you won’t get the results you were expecting if you don't mount it properly.

Most HVLS fans are versatile enough to be mounted several different ways, meaning you must choose the right mount for your facility and airflow needs. Let's examine the most common mounting options available on the market today.

Rapid Mount Industrial

The Rapid Mount Industrial option is the most advanced mount available for HVLS fans. The mount’s accelerometer measures the fan’s angle and will shut the fan off if it shifts more than 5 degrees. Because the mount is spring loaded, it minimizes stress on the building by allowing the fan to move independently rather than straining and possibly damaging the structure. It requires no guy wires and supports compound angles to create more versatile options for HVLS fan placement. It supports a drop length of up to 10 feet, depending on the specific circumstances.


The UMH mount supports the longest drop length – over 10 feet. It also supports compound angles while offering additional stability with guy wires.

Rapid Mount Commercial

The Rapid Mount Commercial is commonly used for indoor applications because it supports short drop lengths for lower ceilings. It does not require any guy wires making it an attractive indoor mounting option.The Rapid Mount Commercial also allows for compound angle installations.

Standard Mount

The Standard Mount is a sturdy mounting option that can be used for any industrial or commercial application. Its single angle provides added stability making it a particularly good fit for outdoor installations. It requires guy wires and a drop length of 10 feet or less.

Which mount is right for me?

Each mount has strengths for unique applications. However, sometimes multiple mounting options may seem to fit your building project, making the choice difficult. To ensure your HVLS fan provides the results you need, consult with the manufacturer to choose the best mounting system for your building.

The Bottom Line

The only way to choose the best mounting options for large fans is to have a product specialist examine your space and make a recommendation.