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Our childhood memories have a remarkable way of shaping our lives and teaching us valuable lessons. In particular, one certain memory of mine centers around an old whiteboard in my family's workshop. This simple whiteboard supplied hours of entertainment, and in the process, taught me important life lessons about imagination, togetherness, and the beauty of simplicity.

As kids, my sister Sheila and I would go to our grandad’s and dad’s workshop after school and during summers. Going to the shop was like heaven to us, full of curiosity and adventure. It was a treasure trove of intriguing objects! We had no video games, no smartphones, and no lavish toys. What we did have was our imaginations and a simple whiteboard, which proved to be way more than enough.

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This whiteboard was tucked away in the left-hand corner of the workshop, under a rickety old staircase that led to a loft. It was a canvas for our creativity, and we loved it. Armed with every color of dry-erase marker possible, Sheila and I used the whiteboard as our playground. We drew hearts, flowers, towns, and self-portraits, pushing the boundaries of our young imaginations.

However, the whiteboard wasn't solely a canvas for us to use. It had a much more important use…my dad and grandad utilized it daily for their work ideas and sketches. This meant that when we wanted to draw, we had to outline around their ideas carefully with a dry-erase marker, making sure not to disturb the project notes and drawings. Once the work was outlined, we had free reign to use the rest of the whiteboard to doodle our hearts away!


As any ’90s child knows, growing up in an era with limited access to technology, our ability to entertain ourselves rested more often than not on our imaginations. The absence of cell phones and tablets forced us to rely on our creativity, so we were not dying of boredom. Creating our own stories and adventures was really all we knew. What a blessing it was. It sure made us appreciate and nurture our imaginations.

What truly made this memory special was the people surrounding us. While Sheila and I were in our own little world, our dad and grandad tirelessly worked away on inventions and ideas. This was the very beginning of what would soon-there-after revolutionize the entire ceiling fan industry, where they created HVLS fans and what is today MacroAir Technologies. My grandad’s and dad’s shop was a space that brought generations together, where we could watch, learn, and be inspired by their hard work and creativity. We were all in this space, working in our own ways, side by side.

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Those seemingly ordinary moments spent in the workshop with a rickety whiteboard and a few markers have left a profound mark on my life. They remind me of the power of imagination and the joy of the simple things in life. In a world increasingly driven by technology and materialism, these memories teach us that the most precious moments are often the simplest, shared with the people we love.

The lessons of imagination, togetherness, and simplicity that we learned from that old whiteboard are values that continue to guide me today. I notice the beauty of everyday life and the magic of quality time with loved ones. These memories are some of the best moments I've ever experienced, reminding us all that a rich life relies very much on a simplistic mindset and the immense power of human connection.


About MacroAir

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