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What's the MacroAir Difference: Innovation, Quality, and Excellence

Walt and Eddie Boyd

The pioneering spirit of MacroAir's founder, Walter Boyd, and his son, Eddie Boyd, is evident in their contributions to various industries, from the aluminum swingarm to the portable, self-erecting Jumbotron. However, their most impactful creation remains the HVLS fan, a testament to their commitment to innovation and improving lives. Eddie Boyd's philosophy, "Every product you invent should help to solve a problem," encapsulates their approach to every challenge they tackle. 

That is exactly what the two did in the early 1990s when the University of California-Riverside faced a unique challenge: finding an efficient way to cool dairy cattle suffering from heat exhaustion. Through years of research and development, Walt and Eddie invented the world's first high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan, revolutionizing air movement technology. By 1998, their vision had materialized, and production of the HVLS fan began, marking the birth of an entire industry. 

Family-Owned and Operated

Family Owner and Operated

Today, MacroAir proudly remains a family-owned and operated company based in San Bernardino, California. Chief Executive Officer, Eddie Boyd, alongside his daughters, our Senior Vice Presidents, Jaylin Krell and Sheila Riley, continue to lead the charge. Together, their passion and leadership ensure that MacroAir remains at the forefront of innovation in industrial airflow solutions, staying true to the values and vision that started it all.

Engineering Excellence = Unparalleled Airflow

Engineering Excellence

At MacroAir, the focus has always been on engineering excellence. Inspired by Walt’s racing background and the simplicity and precision of a race car, today MacroAir engineers design HVLS fans that deliver unparalleled airflow and stand the test of time. There are no gimmicks. We put exactly what is necessary to maximize performance and efficiency, and nothing more. Function over flash. This unwavering commitment to innovative engineering ensures that every MacroAir fan enhances environments, improves efficiency, and elevates comfort. MacroAir doesn’t just manufacture fans; they engineer solutions driven by a love for what they do and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

MacroAir Fans are Built to Last in Any Environment

American Manufacturing

When you invest in a MacroAir HVLS fan, you’re not just getting any ceiling fan; you’re getting one of the most cost-effective, beautiful, and powerful HVLS fans on the market today. Each fan is constructed with anodized aluminum blades, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and ease of maintenance. These fans are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Our gear drive motors are built with durability in mind - ideal for harsh environments. MacroAir’s direct-drive motors minimize friction for quieter performance and a long lifespan requiring minimal maintenance, MacroAir fans are built to last.

American Manufactured Excellence

MacroAir is a symbol of American craftsmanship and ingenuity. Manufacturing our HVLS fans on American soil allows us to support local businesses and the economy while still ensuring top-tier quality. Each fan is manufactured in-house. This dedication to American manufacturing sets MacroAir apart in an era dominated by overseas production.

Unmatched Customer Benefits

HVLS Customer Benefits

Top-Notch Warranty

MacroAir’s top-notch warranty offers mechanical warranties of up to 15 years and electrical warranties of up to 10 years, regardless of who installs the fan. This unmatched warranty coverage provides peace of mind and underscores the quality and durability of MacroAir fans.

Free Shipping with Every Domestic Online Order

MacroAir goes above and beyond to provide exceptional value to its customers. Proudly offering free domestic shipping on every online order ensures that products are received quickly and without added costs. 

Hear What Others Have to Say


J. Riley Distillery & Restaurant is located in Redlands, CA. This valley location is nestled up against the San Bernardino National Forrest. Temperatures are hot in the desert valley, reaching up to 100°. In order to keep customers cool and comfortable, one must provide air conditioning and air movement. J. Riley has a big patio area where large crowds of people come to eat, enjoy drinks, and experience live music. But, sadly, customers were not singing their praises when it came to the comfort of the patio space. They needed to make a BIG change with a BIG patio fan. 

Jason Riley, the owner of J. Riley Distillery & Restaurant, needed to find an easy and affordable solution to help keep his guests comfortable, while still keeping the noise level down in order to not disrupt the live music. Luckily, MacroAir is right down the road! Jason was able to sit down with a MacroAir sales representative and find the best possible fan for his patio space. He described his experience as easy! The people were very helpful and the customer service was great.   

J. Riley’s installed an AVD3 fan in their patio space. Most importantly, they have since noticed retention in customers and much more comfortable guests! 

“Everyone comes up and stares at the fan in awe at how much air it moves at such a low speed. The AVD3 has solved every problem we had in the space - really easily! - Jason Riley, Owner of J. Riley Distillery & Restaurant

Guest are now able to listen to great music, enjoy great drinks, and eat amazing food - all while staying comfortable! There is no noisy distraction from the fan, and the guests are literally in awe of how much air it moves at such a low speed. Guests are now singing the praises of this amazing patio space! Needless to say, the guests are HUGE FANS!

Experience the MacroAir Difference

MacroAir Difference

Investing in a MacroAir HVLS fan means investing in ingenuity at its finest! From their origins in solving a unique challenge for dairy cows to becoming a leader in the HVLS market, MacroAir truly represents innovation, quality, and a commitment to excellence. Proudly family-owned and operated, they continue to be dedicated to American manufacturing, engineering excellence, and masterful craftsmanship. 

Experience the MacroAir difference today and see how MacroAir HVLS fans can transform your environment. For more information or to speak with a MacroAir representative, reach out at 1-(909)-975-7480 or click below to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.