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A Lesson Learned

Boyd Family-1

Left to Right: Jaylin Krell, Nancy Boyd, Eddie Boyd, Sheila Riley

I was very young when my father joined my grandfather in business. I would say seven or eight years old. It was a leap of faith on both their parts, as the company Boyd Engineering, then later Mechanization Systems Company, and what it is today MacroAir, had little to no money. They worked all sorts of odd jobs to stay afloat. They made grape-picking machines, felt layers, and machined anything needed. Being so young, I, of course,  had no idea the risks they were taking or the demands a young family had on my father.   

Lincoln Street 

My dad, Eddie Boyd, is truly one of a kind. He is the best father I could have ever asked for. He was never overly affectionate, but he loved all of us kids with everything in his being. He showed us his love. He taught us how to work and lead by example. I remember one specific time when my dad was busily building something in the shop. He needed a tool, something that was not right at his fingertips. So, he looked over at me and asked me to go find it for him. I had no idea where to begin looking for that tool, and I didn’t dare ask him, as I knew I would have distracted him from his project. So, off I went to find it on my own. I was able to find it and bring it to him with a little effort. The lesson is simple, “figure it out.”  If it looks hard, impossible, complicated, or scary, who cares!  Figure it out. 

Eddie Boyd 

Mom, on the other hand, was completely different. She was a stay-at-home mom, and I loved everything about her being home. Building a business from nothing into something requires intense budgeting. My mom, being the truly amazing wife and mother that she was, pinched every penny. My dad used to say that Mom could “make a penny squeal,” and she sure could! To save money she made almost every meal we ate, grew vegetables in our garden, and even made our own bread. She also cleaned houses and babysat on the side to make extra money. She is the most selfless person I know. She has dedicated her life to supporting my father, and he is the best version of himself because of her.  The saying is true, “Behind every great man is an even greater woman.”  My mom showed me what it was to be a true wife and mother.  What an amazing example she was!  

Nancy Boyd

The impact my parents have had on me over the course of my life has been incredible. I don’t know why I was dealt such an amazing hand, but I am truly thankful for it. They’ve shown me what it takes to make something of yourself. Not that I’m close to being there yet, but they have laid the foundation. They’ve shown me what it takes to work hard, be selfless, live within your means, and take challenges head-on. Because of the life my parents have led, I now instill those same morals and determination into my own children. It’s not easy; every day is a challenge. Every day offers new hurdles that we have to overcome. But with the right attitude, you can get over almost anything.  

I think that’s the biggest lesson learned. If you keep at it, you can get over just about anything. You can succeed, just don’t give up. Figure it out.


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