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How HVLS Fans Help Define a Campus Identity

How can higher education institutions ensure that students can transition from learning to working in an ever-changing technological workplace? Spatial design is a process in which elements such as High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans are used to achieve the goal of creating education spaces that encourage productivity and collaboration.

With a goal of spatial design, Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, South Dakota developed a new student hub facility using MacroAir fans to provide a comfortable climate for this unique educational space.

Delivering an Enhanced Learning Environment

Southeast Tech Institute is a vibrant technical training campus that inspires student growth through teaching viable technological skills. Their newest facility is a sustainable and visually engaging environment designed as a student gathering point. The new facility features advance technology labs with comfortable study spaces, which prepare students to collaborate with the business leaders of Sioux Falls.

“It was designed to be an energetic collaborative area used to gather students, faculty, staff and the public.  From the beginning, we envisioned students coming from all across the Southeast Tech campus to dine, study, meet and enjoy this modern colorful area.  The Owner prioritized sustainability in the design”.
– Michelle L. Klobassa, Principal Senior Architect, TSP

Creating High Comfort for Higher Education

MacroAir manufactures fans for educational institutions creating a space for Southeast Tech’s students to learn how to function in an advanced workforce environment. The fans create a comfortable space that helps foster idea creation and critical communication.

“As I was designing the commons space, the very early images in my mind included HVLS fans.  With the large volume of space, I knew the fans would provide great air circulation and stand out.  They are a noticeable feature in the rhythm of the ceiling design”.
– Michelle L. Klobassa, Principal Senior Architect, TSP

Want to feature MacroAir HVLS fans in your educational project? Contact us for design assistance.

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