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Big Commercial Fans Hit a Home Run in Open-Air Stadiums


Spirit Communications Park located in the heart of downtown Columbia, South Carolina is the home ballpark to the Columbia Fireflies, the Class-A affiliate of the New York Mets. More recently, Spirit Communications Park has welcomed a winning big fan solution into the ballpark by installing MacroAir’s big commercial fans, the perfect complement to its stunningly designed 360-degree concourse walkway.

Big Fans Made for Big Fans

Have you ever experienced a temperature increase that comes from being in a space with a large crowd of people? Even when running full-power industrial HVAC units, it can be a challenge to keep a high-density crowd from becoming uncomfortably hot. MacroAir big commercial fans offer an effective alternative to traditional cooling strategies that will not only keep your large crowd comfortable, but also reduce your energy bill in the process. The benefits of integrating a MacroAir big commercial fan into stadiums include:

• Effective and even distribution of HVAC-cooled air through people or infrastructure, cutting down on HVAC costs by up to 30%.

• Increased perspiration along with more evaporation due to the higher volume of airflow, allowing the crowd to remain cool and comfortable.

“Spirit Communications Park is a beautiful facility and the fans on the concourse have helped the park become a true gathering place for the citizens of Columbia.”– Jason Freier, Managing Owner, Columbia Fireflies

Big Fans Made for Big Games

Making open-air venues comfortable is challenging, especially during the hot summer months. Without any type of airflow, occupants in open-air venues can feel hot, sticky and uncomfortable. Big commercial fans provide the perfect airflow solution to aid in human comfort and lower utility cost for any stadium or open-air venue.

Click the link below to learn how MacroAir’s sleek and efficient fans can provide optimal airflow, creating maximum coverage and a comfortable environment for any stadium or open-air venue.

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