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Project Interview: Big Fans Bring the Outdoors into Indoor Gym

In a recent project interview, Wesley Shih, COO of Sender One Climbing Gym, describes the experience of entering their vast indoor climbing space in Los Angeles, CA and how big fans positively affect the function and design element of Sender One’s workout space.  

Why Big Fans Work in Large Indoor Gyms

Shih explains that the Los Angeles Sender One climbing gym is massive and starts from smaller areas then expands to bigger spaces. This simulates the experience of climbing mountainous terrain outdoors.

“As you move through the building the experience of walking through the space opens up like reverse Russian dolls; the building gets bigger as you move through it.”

For large environments like Sender One’s climbing gym, big commercial fans are a viable solution that moves much larger amounts of air more efficiently than standard high-speed fans.

Through the optimal airflow created by large commercial ceiling fans, a gym space can feel much more like the outdoors rather than a tight, uncomfortable space.

HVAC or Big Fans

HVAC is meant to cool down space, but it is not designed to provide optimal airflow. In fact, HVAC provides little to no air movement at all; not the first thing you think of when you are simulating a climb up the side of a mountain.

“We designed the HVAC system to cool air; but it doesn’t necessarily move the air in the most effective way given the limits of where we can place the cooling units and ductwork. You can’t just have HVAC…” Wesley Shih, COO, Sender One Climbing Gym

While an HVAC system might have the biggest influence over the temperature of your space, it’s certainly not the only way that you can affect how warm or cold a workout space feels.

Another important element of controlling the temperature in your facility is air circulation. Even if your HVAC system is dumping a large amount of cold or warm air into the room, if it isn’t distributed efficiently throughout the space, it won’t have a big impact on the temperature of the workout space as a whole.

Feeling the Outdoors

When you are climbing it’s all about how you feel, from where you are placing your hands and feet to the type of climate you are experiencing.

“Modern climbing gyms in dense urban areas are trying to replicate the experience of climbing in large open spaces.” Wesley Shih, COO, Sender One Climbing Gym

MacroAir large commercial fans are the ideal solution for any workout space where movement of large amounts of air is necessary to achieve the best results.

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