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Big Ceiling Fans Create a Futuristic Facility for a Community


Montrose Community Recreation Center & Field House in Montrose, Colorado is built as a community center for the future. The building features a leisure pool, competitive pool, three gymnasiums, a large family game area, children’s indoor play area, a second level fitness area, track and support spaces. Beyond the many activity areas to choose from, the recreational center is also at the forefront of futuristic climate control.  Montrose utilizes multiple MacroAir big ceiling fans to create a comfortable environment in its recreational spaces.

Making Green Even Greener

Cooling and heating the Montrose Community Recreation Center places a huge demand on its HVAC system. MacroAir big ceiling fans are the perfect complement to an HVAC system. MacroAir big ceiling fans reduce the energy consumption that comes from an HVAC system by distributing the air more effectively throughout a space. This allows facility owners to adjust their HVAC set point down in winter or up in summer because they are relying on the large ceiling fans to do the heavy lifting of covering an entire space with airflow.

“The fans allowed the overall temperature of the building to be higher in winter, allowing the HVAC system to expend less energy and save money.” – Andy Stein, Design Manager BRS Architects

This process has at times contributed up to a 20% reduction in energy usage. By Montrose supplementing their HVAC system with MacroAir large ceiling fans, the facility managers of the recreation center can increase or decrease the building’s thermostat by 5° while maintaining comfort occupants.

Click the link below to learn more about how MacroAir fans can reduce energy cost and help increase human comfort in any space.

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