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Large Outdoor Ceiling Fan Buyer's Guide

If you are like me, you can not wait to sit outside on the patio listening to the birds chirping and enjoying a refreshing beverage after a long day. But, make sure your patio is ready for you this year. Make it the comfortable, relaxing retreat you need after a long day. 

Adding a large outdoor ceiling fan will bring on the next level of comfort. In fact, they are not what you may be thinking…big, clunky, loud, and wobbly fans. Today’s outdoor ceiling fans are beautiful, sleek, and highly efficient. They slowly circulate the air up and around your patio space creating a cooling effect that will leave you feeling up to 8 degrees cooler. Yeah, you heard that right! Perfect for those hot, sticky days, right?

Large outdoor ceiling fans are an excellent option for cooling down any outdoor area or an open-air public space. They offer an easy and awesome way to keep people comfortable, especially during hot summer days. Additionally, they bring that eye-catching punch of style to your outdoor space. A large outdoor ceiling fan can complement any décor while providing optimal airflow.  

In this blog, we will cover what areas to use large, outdoor ceiling fans, the different types of outdoor ceiling fans, how much you can expect to pay, and we will even hear the perspective of one very satisfied customer of these fans.  

Areas to use a large outdoor ceiling fan

large outdoor ceiling fans

One of the great things about these big fans is their versatility. They can be used in a wide variety of outdoor applications. Big outdoor ceiling fans help regulate air for areas like 

  • Home covered patios
  • Restaurant covered patios
  • Boat garages
  • Carports
  • Open-air stadium concourses
  • Pergolas and gazebos
  • Outdoor venue spaces
  • Open-air barns
  • Pavilions
  • Exhibit halls and barns
  • Other outdoor public gathering spaces that a typical indoor ceiling fan cannot handle.

Why are large ceiling fans so perfect in these areas?

outdoor patio fan

The large, slow-moving columns of air created by big outdoor ceiling fan blades have a wider reach, covering more square feet, generating less noise, and operating more efficiently than traditional small fans. 

Powerful Airflow

When you are outside on a hot day it can be extremely uncomfortable when there is no airflow. And nobody wants to be outside when it is miserable - bugs, humidity, hot air…the list goes on! But adding a large ceiling fan can literally make all the difference. Large outdoor fans create impressive gentle airflow. Having a MacroAir HVLS outdoor fan running quietly above your patio will create a cooling effect that will leave you feeling up to 8° cooler.

Incredibly Efficient

Additionally, large outdoor ceiling fans are a more efficient means of keeping both residential and business open-air spaces cool and comfortable. Additionally, large outdoor fans most often have a reversible motor and an adjustable fan speed. That means you can use the fan as a cooling source in the summer and a heating source during the fall and spring months. 

Outdoor rated

Big industrial ceiling fans are outdoor rated, so as long as your residential outdoor space is covered, you can enjoy the optimal airflow of a large outdoor fan in your home or indoor living space. You will want to look for a fan that has an IP65 or higher rating. IP65 means the fan is “dust tight” and able to handle low pressured water from any angle. IP65 is the most common IP rating for outdoor ceiling fans. MacroAir’s complete line of HVLS ceiling fans have a modern design aesthetic and each model is IP65 rated. This means it is rated for outdoor use. So, rain or shine, your outdoor ceiling fan will be safe and in working order. 

Types of outdoor ceiling fans

outdoor ceiling fan

When needing an outdoor ceiling fan, you will first need to determine if a small outdoor ceiling fan will suffice. If not, there are a few other things to consider when looking for a large outdoor ceiling fan for your open-air space.

Damp-rated ceiling fans:

Outdoor ceiling fans are unlike indoor fans because outdoor fans are adaptable to damp and wet areas. Outdoor ceiling fans are built with finishes that can withstand humidity and rain while preventing rust and corrosion. Meanwhile, other ceiling fans are only appropriate for indoors and are dry-rated areas. Damp areas include an area that is exposed to moisture but not fully exposed. This might include places like

  • Covered patios
  • Boat garages
  • Carports
  • Covered outdoor venues, exhibit halls, and concourses
  • Open-air barns
  • Pavilions
  • Exhibit halls and barns

Wet Rated ceiling fans:

Wet-rated ceiling fans were designed to withstand water. So, they can be outside in the rain or even washed off with a hose. Wet-rated fans are perfect for wet locations that are more exposed to the elements. This might include places like

  • Uncovered patios
  • Porches, verandas, or gazebos
  • Cabanas
  • Uncovered deck areas

Small outdoor ceiling fans:

Small outdoor ceiling fans range in size from 6-12 feet in diameter. They are an excellent cooling solution for smaller covered patios, porches, or gazebos. An average small commercial fan spins several times faster than a commercial outdoor ceiling fan. Since the fans turn at high speeds, it pushes heavy airflow into one concentrated space. A small average ceiling fan will be noisier than larger fans.

Large outdoor ceiling fans:

A big outdoor industrial-style ceiling fan range in size from 12-24 feet in diameter. They are perfect for big open-air covered locations such as restaurant patios, stadiums, or open-air barns. Large outdoor fans were designed to move high volumes of air at low speeds. This means you will need fewer big outdoor ceiling fans to achieve what it would take to accomplish the same with many small fans.

See How Outdoor Ceiling Fans Helped The Crack Shack

Crack shack patio fanindoor/outdoor fan

“We need to keep this place filled with clean air, and the fans help us get that air flowing, moving around, and bringing in more fresh air. We definitely need that here.” – Hunter Hastie, Assistant Gen. Manager at The Crack Shack Costa Mesa.

The Crack Shack—a modern, open-air restaurant in Encinitas, California serves top-quality fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the environment was simply uncomfortable. Their solution? MacroAir’s AVD370 outdoor ceiling fans.

MacroAir’s outdoor fans not only cool and enhance the visual experience of The Crack Shack, but they also help provide ventilation. Through MacroAir fans’ reverse function, the fans have the capability to help control hot indoor environments to prevent discomfort. The Crack Shack’s kitchen has a great deal of smoke, steam, and heat generated by the stoves and ovens. If the Crack Shack’s kitchen isn’t ventilated properly, it quickly creates a very uncomfortable environment for employees. Further, it creates a poor experience for customers.

MacroAir fans provide evenly balanced airflow which allows fresh air to reach the entire restaurant. Any contaminants previously trapped in the restaurant are circulated out of the doors and openings in the ceiling. Fresh air dilutes the concentrated contaminants, eliminating airborne health hazards and odors.

From the food preparation space to the main seating area, the airflow created by the fans creates a more comfortable environment, which helps the employees and customers enjoy the Crack Shack’s unique restaurant experience. 

See How Outdoor Ceiling Fans Helped J Riley Distillery

J Riley patio fan

“Everyone comes up and stares at the fan in awe at how much air it moves at such a low speed! The AVD3 has solved every problem we had in the space - really easily!” - Jason Riley, Owner of J. Riley Distillery & Restaurant

This fantastic outdoor patio at J Riley Distillery offers live entertainment to their customers! But in the beginning, something was missing…a large outdoor ceiling fan. 

Without the outdoor ceiling fan, customers were hot and uncomfortable sitting on the patio in the still air. J Riley effectively fixed the problem by adding a sleek, stylish, and QUIET AVD3. 

The fan has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Customers are now happy and content. They are singing the praises of the AVD3 as they enjoy a beverage & listen to some good tunes!

How much does a large outdoor ceiling fan cost?

price of outdoor ceiling fan

Outdoor ceiling fans cost a bit more than your average small indoor ceiling fan. You can expect to pay on average around $4,000-$6,000 for most outdoor residential ceiling fans. MacroAir’s AVD370 is a perfectly sized beautiful and sleek fan for your outdoor space. The AVD370 ranges in size between 6-12 feet in diameter. It also boasts an incredibly efficient direct-drive motor. Direct drive motors will give you optimal quiet performance and efficiency. Plus, is it IP65 rated. On the very large side of the spectrum, the VERY large (24 foot) premium outdoor ceiling fans can be priced at around $8,000. 

The price of these fans is higher than your average home ceiling fan. But keep in mind, outdoor ceiling fans are not the same thing. You are getting a premium fan that is extremely durable, efficient, and effective. The range in price is reflected in the quality of product you are getting. Having said that, the cost of your fan is often offset by the money saved in operating costs. You can expect to run your fan for an average of $1 per day! Of course, it goes without saying that the comfort you are left with is priceless! 

Next step?

macroair patio fan

MacroAir offers an amazing selection of high-end and highly effective large outdoor ceiling fans. They will cool your outdoor space so well, you won’t even remember the uncomfortable space you started with! You will be able to thoroughly relax and enjoy your outdoor patio or other outdoor space. Even your animals will feel the immediate difference the outdoor ceiling fans will add! 


Check out the complete line of MacroAir large ceiling fans by clicking the link below. Start enjoying the outdoor space you have worked hard to create.