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How to Choose Your Large Outdoor Ceiling Fan


Large outdoor ceiling fans are an excellent option for cooling down an outdoor area and open-air public spaces. Big outdoor ceiling fans help regulate air for areas like restaurant-covered patios, open-air stadium concourses, and other outdoor public gathering spaces that a typical indoor fan cannot handle. It's an excellent way to keep customers or members in your establishment comfortable, especially during hot summer days. It even adds to the style of your outdoor area's design with flush mount capabilities. A big outdoor ceiling fan can complement any décor while providing optimal airflow.


Different types of outdoor ceiling fans

When needing an outdoor ceiling fan, you will first need to determine if a small outdoor ceiling fan will suffice. If not, there are a few other things to consider when looking for a big outdoor ceiling fan for your open-air space.

Outdoor Damp-rated ceiling fans:

Outdoor ceiling fans are unlike indoor fans because they are adaptable to damp and wet areas. Meanwhile, other ceiling fans are only appropriate for indoors and are dry-rated areas. Damp-rated ceiling fans were built with finishes that can withstand humidity and rain while preventing rust and corrosion.

Wet Rated ceiling fans:

Wet-rated ceiling fans were designed to withstand water. They can be outside in the rain or even washed off with a hose. Wet-rated fans are perfect for wet locations such as an outdoor uncovered patio, porches, or gazebos where outside elements will directly affect the fan.

Small outdoor ceiling fans:

Small outdoor ceiling fans are an excellent cooling solution for smaller covered patios, porches, or gazebos. An average small commercial fan spins several times faster than a commercial outdoor ceiling fan. Since the fans turn at high speeds, it pushes heavy airflow into one concentrated space. A small average ceiling fan will be noisier than larger fans.

Big outdoor commercial fans:

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A big outdoor industrial-style ceiling fan is perfect for large open-air covered locations such as restaurant patios or stadiums. Big commercial fans were designed to move high volumes of air at low speeds. This means you will need fewer big outdoor ceiling fans to achieve what it would take to accomplish the same with several many small fans.

“We need to keep this place filled with clean air, and the fans help us get that air flowing, moving around, and bringing in more fresh air. We definitely need that here.” – Hunter Hastie, Assistant General Manager at The Crack Shack Costa Mesa.


Are large commercial ceiling fans just for businesses?

The large, slow-moving columns of air created by big outdoor ceiling fan blades have a wider reach, covering more square feet, generating less noise, and operating more efficiently than traditional small fans. So, the short answer is no. An outdoor commercial ceiling fan is a more efficient means of keeping both business and residential open-air spaces cool and comfortable. With a reversible motor and an adjustable fan speed, you can use the fan as a cooling or heating source. Big industrial ceiling fans are outdoor rated, so as long as your residential outdoor space is covered, you can enjoy the optimal airflow of a large outdoor fan in your home or indoor living space. MacroAir provides a modern ceiling fan that has a minimalist design that moves a lot of air and not a lot of noise. Learn more about how our commercial fans can help you.

What was your experience with MacroAir fans in your favorite indoor and outdoor space? Do you know more about how to choose a big outdoor ceiling fan? Leave your comments below.