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The Crack Shack Restaurant



Smoke, steam, and heat generated by the restaurant’s stoves create an uncomfortable environment.


They installed AVD370 fans to help circulate the airflow throughout the restaurant.


MacroAir fans provide ventilation and cool both the employees and the customers.

Crack shack

The Crack Shack—a modern, open-air restaurant in Encinitas, California serves top-quality fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This hip, new Southern California-based restaurant and one-of-a-kind culinary experience utilizes nothing but the best in ingredients and, of course, big commercial restaurant fans.

MacroAir’s big fans not only cool and enhance the visual experience of The Crack Shack, but they also help provide ventilation. Through MacroAir fans’ reverse function, the fans have the capability to help control hot indoor environments to prevent discomfort. The Crack Shack’s kitchen has a great deal of smoke, steam, and heat generated by the stoves and ovens. If the Crack Shack’s kitchen isn’t ventilated properly, it quickly creates a very uncomfortable environment for employees. Further, it creates a poor experience for customers.

Crack Shack

“The feature I like the most is the reverse functionality. When running in reverse, the fan actually pulls air up and away and helps ventilate the room.” – Abraham Jimenez, General Manager, The Crack Shack


MacroAir fans provide evenly balanced airflow which allows fresh air to reach the entire restaurant. Any contaminants previously trapped in the restaurant are circulated out of the doors and openings in the ceiling. Fresh air dilutes the concentrated contaminants, eliminating airborne health hazards and odors.

From the food preparation space to the main seating area, the airflow created by the fans creates a more comfortable environment, which helps the employees and customers enjoy the Crack Shack’s unique restaurant experience.