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Retrofit Magazine: Top 50 Products

Retrofit Top Products #21: MacroAir has pushed high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) innovation to a new level. By completely removing the gearbox that can be found on traditional HVLS fans, more than 137 moving parts have been eliminated.

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MacroAir Celebrates 200th Distributor Joining its Expanding Global Network

The“engineers of air™” expand areas of service in the U.S. and abroad by doubling its distributor network

San Bernardino, Calif.– MacroAir’s HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed)superior fan line, AirVolution-D, is arguably one of the highest performing industrial and commercial fans on the market with product demand continually trending upwards alongside a sizable distributor gain. With that, MacroAir is happy to announce the signing of its 200th distributor Raymond Handling Solutions.

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SNAP Architectural News + Products: Wind Instruments

One innovative introduction is the minimalist AirVolution-D from San Bernardino, California based MacroAir. The company says its line is the only one on the market using gearless, direct-drive technology, which translates into fewer problems and less maintenance.

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MacroAir Granted UL Listing Certification for AirVolution-D HVLS Fan Line

San Bernardino, Calif.– As a testament to MacroAir’s continued engineering capabilities, the AirVolution-D HVLS fan line has received official Underwriters Laboratories “UL” certification for its 550 and 780 models. To achieve this level of certification, products are rigorously tested and held to the highest standards of safety and quality.

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MacroAir Leads the HVLS Industry with Only Gearless Fan Line

San Bernardino, Calif.– Since its 2014 summer launch, the AirVolution-D fan line by MacroAir is the only gearless, High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan available on the market today that has the power to move a 24’ HVLS fan. The demand for the AirVolution-D has greatly exceeded preliminary projections, and MacroAir is anticipated to be the exclusive manufacturer of gearless motor technology well into 2016.

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AirVolution-D Hits the Southeast Asia Markets

Earlier this month, MacroAir’s Singapore distributors, KHIND Systems, introduced the new AirVolution-D fan line at the annual Build Eco Expo or BEX conference held in Singapore. The expo is one of Southeast Asia’s largest green building and sustainability trade shows, where architects, interior designers, and building consultants from over 32 countries attended to scout for new products and designs.

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MacroAir Evolves HVLS Fan Category With Release of New Product

AirVolution-D features most powerful, most efficient HVLS fan motor on the market

San Bernardino, Calif. – After spending the last 15 years perfecting high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan technology, MacroAir has re-invented the HVLS industrial fan category with its new product line AirVolution-D. MacroAir’s AirVolution-D is powered by a breakthrough in motor technology, called D-Drive, which is the world’s first compact electric motor capable of handling the consistent torque requirements of a 24-foot diameter industrial fan. At the heart of AirVolution-D is a breakthrough in motor design delivering 50% more mechanical horsepower and 75% more wind power than current HVLS fans on the market.

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