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Commercial HVLS Fans: Exploring the Latest Innovations

Understanding commercial hvls fans

When it comes to commercial spaces, maintaining a comfortable and efficient environment is paramount. For gym owners, restaurant operators, shopkeepers, and other commercial space owners, having the optimal balance of temperature and airflow is crucial for customers and employees alike. Commercial HVLS fans are a revolutionary solution in all corners of the industry. In this blog post, we will delve into the latest innovations in commercial HVLS fans, aiming to provide valuable insights to those considering this comfort solution.

Air circulation is the key to creating a comfortable environment in large commercial spaces. This can be a challenge. That’s where High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans come in. HVLS fans provide a solution that addresses the unique needs of commercial facilities, including the regulation of temperatures, safety, and air quality within this large space.

Understanding Commercial HVLS Fans


Commercial HVLS fans are ceiling-mounted giants designed to move large volumes of air slowly and smoothly. These fans have blades spanning from 6 to 24 feet, providing unparalleled airflow coverage. In fact, one HVLS fan can move the same amount of air as 38 small ceiling fans. Their primary functions include temperature regulation, improving safety by preventing stagnant air, and creating a comfortable environment for occupants.

Benefits of HVLS Fans in Large Commercial Spaces

The benefits of commercial HVLS fans are far more than just temperature control. These big fans also contribute to energy cost savings of 30% or more through energy-efficient fan operation. They also enhance safety by preventing issues like floor moisture and create a comfortable atmosphere for customers and employees. The innovative technology behind these fans has evolved to address the specific needs of commercial spaces.

Evolution of HVLS Fan Technology

MacroAir has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge HVLS fans for commercial applications. Over the years, these fans have undergone significant technological advancements. From aerodynamic design enhancements to smart technology integration, MacroAir's commercial HVLS fans are designed to meet the demands of modern businesses.

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Latest Technological Innovations

Blade Design

hvls blade technology

MacroAir's HVLS fans boast a NASA-inspired aerodynamic blade design that maximizes airflow and efficiency. The innovative blade design ensures improved air circulation, contributing to a more comfortable temperature in large commercial spaces. Unique to MacroAir, each fan blade is anodized to keep it from collecting dust as quickly and to keep blades rust and corrosion-free. Anodizing the blades further enhances the durability of the HVLS fan.

Variable Speed Options

hvls variable speed

The latest commercial HVLS fans offer variable speed options providing flexibility for different conditions. Most MacroAir fans also come standard with digital controllers to easily adjust speed. This not only allows for precise control over airflow but also ensures energy-efficient operation. 

Direct Drive Motors

direct drive motor

MacroAir fans were of the first to bring you energy-efficient direct-drive motor technology. Direct drive motors are gearless fans. ​​Fewer moving parts mean less noise, less weight, and less maintenance for you. All of this equates to unparalleled energy efficiency. They have a significant impact on energy consumption and operational costs, making them a cost-effective solution for community spaces and businesses looking to reduce energy costs.

Applications in Various Industries

hvls commercial fan

Commercial and Retail Spaces

In commercial spaces like stores, offices, restaurants, aquatic centers, stadiums, and other community spaces, MacroAir's HVLS fans enhance customer comfort by creating a gentle, widespread airflow to help dissipate heat pockets. Doing so causes a cooling effect leaving people feeling up to 15°F cooler. People are more likely to enjoy the environment because of the comfort level created

Industrial Settings

In industrial environments, MacroAir's commercial HVLS fans play a crucial role in improving air circulation and increasing comfort levels. These big fans assist in temperature regulation in warehouses, creating a more conducive working environment for employees. In addition, HVLS fans in warehouses are actually proven to reduce the number of airborne particles, leaving a safer and healthier facility for all. All of these benefits equal greater workplace productivity and retention. 

Educational Facilities

In educational institutions, MacroAir's HVLS fans enhance ventilation in large classrooms, auditoriums, or gymnasiums. By creating a more comfortable environment for students and staff, these fans help to maintain focus and improving cognitive functioning, memory, and information processing. Moreover, these fans contribute to energy efficiency by providing maximum coverage with less energy consumption, working with HVAC units to distribute cool air evenly. That equates to major energy savings and lower utility costs. 

Installation Considerations

Although HVLS fans can be installed by the end-user, to ensure safety and optimal performance, we recommend commercial HVLS fans are professionally installed. This is because the majority of large fan performance issues stem from poor or faulty installation. 

MacroAir and our extensive list of dealers and distributors are experts in all things HVLS, and are here to help you with proper placement for optimal air distribution, wiring considerations, and integration with existing building systems. This attention to detail helps businesses get the maximum benefits from their HVLS fans.

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Case Studies: Success Stories in Commercial Spaces 

Nolita Hall


Nolita Hall, situated in the sunny climate of San Diego, CA, enjoys mostly ideal weather with summer temperatures averaging around 77°F and winter temperatures around 67°F. Despite this favorable climate, the large indoor/outdoor restaurant faced a challenge – the air within remained stagnant, leading to discomfort for guests due to rising temperatures. Given the expansive property and the occasional hot days, there was a need for a substantial solution to provide customers with cool air and a refreshing breeze. Enter MacroAir ceiling fans.

MacroAir fans proved to be the perfect solution for enhancing air circulation in the spacious indoor/outdoor restaurant. Jordan Herigstad, the Executive Chef at Nolita Hall, expressed their satisfaction, stating, "They were just a perfect fit for Nolita!" The AVD370 fans from MacroAir not only contributed to creating a comfortable atmosphere but also seamlessly complemented the restaurant's aesthetic with an industrial touch that matched the natural wood, exposed beams, ductwork, and raw elements throughout the space.

According to Chef Herigstad, the fans were not only efficient but also easy for the staff to operate. Even with windows and doors closed, the MacroAir fans consistently delivered a cool atmosphere throughout the restaurant, aligning with Nolita Hall's commitment to keeping the ambiance as cool as the establishment itself. Overall, the restaurant expressed immense satisfaction with their investment in MacroAir fans, emphasizing their role in maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable environment for both staff and guests.

Furniture Retailer - Spain

A furniture retailer in Spain found a great way to save on operating costs with MacroAir. And in the process, they not only significantly reduced energy usage on both heating and cooling but also reduced CO2 emissions.

Integrating MacroAir's HVLS fan solutions with the existing HVAC system resulted in reduced energy consumption and enhanced comfort for both employees and customers at the furniture retailer. During winter, the stores witnessed a noteworthy 6ºF rise in floor-level temperatures. Moreover, in the summer, the stores successfully elevated the set-point of their HVAC system, leading to a substantial decrease in energy usage without compromising comfort. Remarkably, the furniture retailer now abstains from using their HVAC when temperatures remain at 79ºF or lower. 

hvls savings

The adoption of MacroAir fans has proven to be a game-changer for the company, translating into significant cost savings and a considerable improvement in comfort levels. Furthermore, the furniture retailer is actively collaborating with MacroAir to enhance other store locations, recognizing the potential of HVLS fans to boost profitability, uphold social responsibility, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

 energy savings

Maintenance Tips for Commercial HVLS Fans

To ensure optimal performance, regular cleaning routines, inspection, and lubrication of moving parts are essential for commercial HVLS fans. Promptly addressing any issues that arise will ensure continuous operation, providing businesses with reliable and efficient air circulation. MacroAir has tips from the pros on how to properly maintain your fan

Future Trends in Commercial HVLS Fans

As technology continues to evolve, future trends in commercial HVLS fans are anticipated to bring even more advanced features. Emerging technologies and innovations in fan design are expected to further enhance energy efficiency and overall performance. Integration with other smart building technologies will continue to be a focus, providing businesses with comprehensive solutions for their commercial spaces.

Bottom Line

Exploring the latest innovations in commercial HVLS fans by MacroAir unveils a world of possibilities for businesses looking to create comfortable and efficient spaces. From aerodynamic design enhancements to smart technology integration, MacroAir's HVLS fans offer a comprehensive solution for a wide range of commercial applications. The transformative impact of these fans on creating comfortable and efficient spaces cannot be overstated.