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HVLS Fans: Great for Small Spaces Too

MacroAir high volume low speed (HVLS) fans are typically thought of being used in large spaces, however, they are equally adaptable to smaller spaces, such as outdoor shopping centers, small office spaces, restaurants, outdoor patios, and homes. MaroAir fans are easily customized to match or accent any décor, and they look great in many settings. But it can be difficult to select the right fan for your home. That’s why in this blog, we’ll offer the reasons why MacroAir’s fans are perfect for your home and 4 useful tips to help you select the fan that is just right for your small space. 

What Makes MacroAir Fans Great for Your Home?

HVLS fan for home

HVLS fans are different than your average residential ceiling fan. These large fans circulate a very gentle, but powerful, airflow around the space you need to be cooled. The key is low-speed air movement. This is NOT a high-velocity fan. HVLS fans can also complement an air conditioning unit, helping to lower energy bills. In fact, in certain instances, the air conditioning system can be eliminated entirely. Plus, in the winter months, you can run fans in reverse to mix the warm air gathered near the ceiling with the rest of the air in the room. This saves on heating costs. There are many benefits to using MacroAir HVLS fans for your heating and cooling needs:

  • Energy savings – HVLS fans help save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs, easily covering the cost of the fan installation.
  • Green design – Credits toward LEED certification can be earned by installing an HVLS fan.
  • Environmental controls – HVLS fans help decrease humidity, moisture, and bacteria, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.
  • Comfort – The air movement created by HVLS fans is not disruptive; it feels like a natural breeze.
  • Speed controls – Variable speed controls allow you to control the airflow within your space, and HVLS fans don’t kick up as much dust and dander as regular ceiling fans.
  • Color range – MacroAir fans can be ordered in a variety of colors to match and enhance any decor.
  • Noise – MacroAir’s fans operate quietly, which is great for areas where noise is a concern. You will hardly notice they are there.


HVLS fans are a versatile solution for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Now let’s talk specifics about how to make the right fan selection for your home or other small space.

When Adding a Fan to Your Home Consider 4 Tips:

When you buy anything for your home you don’t want to just go through the motions and buy the first thing you see. It’s all about planning for the right aesthetic and function that fits in your home. In this blog, you will find 4 tips that will assist you in choosing the right modern home ceiling fan.

1. Plan with a Purpose


Watch any good home improvement show, and the first thing you will notice is, before transforming a home into an interior design masterpiece, they plan for the function and look of the home first. That’s a good place to start with ceiling fans:

Don’t judge a fan by its size

Compared to traditional ceiling fans that have spotty coverage and circulation, large ceiling fans running in the forward direction create a cooling breeze that can cover up to 22,000 square feet and reduce the effective temperature (how you feel) by up to 8ºF.    

Plan for a great look

While traditional ceiling fans have many options when it comes to aesthetics, large ceiling fans also offer a number of custom options such as lighting kits and color options to best complement your home. MacroAir fans are sleek and contemporary. Plus, they will complement any décor or style while keeping residents comfortable.

Make it sustainable

The modern home is becoming increasingly more sustainable. It is now common for newly constructed homes to have built-in solar panels and energy star-rated products that connect to smart home devices. By moving large amounts of air, MaroAir ceiling fans allow you to increase the set point on your thermostat. So you will feel more comfortable and save money on your electricity bills.

2. Location, Location, Location

Patio ceiling fan

An outdoor ceiling fan for your patio is not the same as a ceiling fan for your living room. It’s important that you purchase a ceiling fan that is rated specifically for its intended location. Here are a few guidelines to follow when purchasing a ceiling fan for your home:

UL Dry-Rated Ceiling Fans

Fans with a UL Dry rating typically feature furniture-grade wood blades and are designed for dry, indoor locations without any exposure to humidity, moisture, or water. Dry-rated ceiling fans are mostly used in bedrooms and living rooms.

UL Damp-Rated Ceiling Fans

Fans with a UL Damp rating are designed to hold up to humidity and moisture, but not direct contact with water. These fans can be used indoors but are typically used in covered outdoor locations such as covered porches.

UL Wet-Rated Ceiling Fans

UL Wet rating ceiling fans are designed to endure the elements – rain, ocean spray, snow, and water. The moisture-resistant motor housing and all-weather blades allow these fans to perform under any conditions. Place these fans in exposed decks and patios.

3. The Perfect Fit

Large ceiling fans are becoming a popular choice for residential homes because of the airflow benefits and energy efficiency. MacroAir fans move high volumes of air at a low speed.  

As shown above, large ceiling fans are also the perfect complement to your home’s air conditioning unit because of the energy savings they create. MacroAir HVLS fans reduce energy consumption by supplementing air conditioning units, which can contribute to a reduction in energy usage in your home.

4. Big vs.Small - Which is right for your house?

Because of the large circumference (6-24 feet), specially designed fan blades, and blade span of MacroAir large ceiling fans, it only takes one of our fans to create balanced and comfortable airflow in a home, compared to multiple small fans to get similar results. Further, our customer care representatives will help you see how MacroAir HVLS fans fit into your small space, and which fan will work best to help improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency without breaking the bank.


Your home certainly reflects your personal style, and our fans are here to complement your style. Additionally, we will help you stay cool and comfortable, all while saving you money on your energy bills. MacroAir fans are energy-efficient and create a substantial amount of air movement, allowing you to increase your thermostat’s setpoint without sacrificing your comfort.  They are definitely worth a close look and feel. 

Click the link below. See how MacroAir fans perfectly fit in your home.

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