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4 Reasons Why Big Industrial Ceiling Fans are Better

The concept of the ceiling fan date as early as the Roman Empire. They date way back to when human-powered palm frond ceiling fans were present. After 2,000 years, we have moved far beyond the simple beginnings of human-powered ceiling fans. We have developed innovative big industrial ceiling fans, again changing the way people feel comfortable in large spaces. With the forever-changing large industrial ceiling fan, there are many reasons why these fans are better when regulating temperature in spaces.

Big Industrial Ceiling Fans for Big Workspaces and High Ceilings


The continual evolution of the ceiling fan has led to the development of big industrial ceiling fans. Big ceiling fans are different from traditional ceiling fans. They run at a slower speed which delivers a considerable amount of non-disruptive, quiet airflow.

Another significant factor that separates these big ceiling fans from ordinary fans is the size of their blades (airfoils). Big industrial ceiling fans have longer and wider blade diameters. So they can generate larger columns of air that travel farther and covers more square feet. This makes big industrial ceiling fans perfect for circulating air in a large industrial workspace with open spaces. This includes warehouses and hangars.

Comfortable in Your Own Skin with HVLS Fans  


Though many improvements have been made to ceiling fans over the years, the biggest challenge has always been keeping occupants comfortable. This is especially true in unconditioned spaces (spaces with no HVAC). Uncomfortable temperatures in these types of buildings negatively impact productivity, accuracy, and employee morale.

Worker productivity lowers with each degree over the optimum temperature of 72°F. While this “optimal temperature” is ideal, it is probably unrealistic for environments without air conditioning with fluctuating temperatures and humidity. Industrial style fans provide a cost-effective alternative, energy efficiency, or a supplement for traditional HVAC systems.

More Airflow for Your Cashflow

Big industrial fans have advanced in the way of increasing comfort. They have also become a resource for businesses to cut down on energy costs. When you own or manage a large facility, you must continually evaluate cooling and heating costs against employee comfort and productivity.

“With our 14,000 sq ft. facility, we had to think about how much air would be needed to cool or heat the area. We got different quotes from different contractors, and it was going to be upwards of $300,000 to $400,000 to upgrade this facility. We wanted to look at a more cost-effective way of cooling and heating our facility, and that’s why we chose MacroAir.” – Dr. Peter Lingas, Founder, Precision in Movement.

The Bigger They Are, The Better the Airflow  

Historically, a multitude of small fans has been the primary method used to cool larger work areas. However, the invention of big industrial ceiling fans has changed through the efficient and balanced airflow provided.

The primary benefit of using fewer warehouse fans instead of smaller and faster fans is energy consumption. Because of the large circumference and specially designed airfoils, it only takes one big industrial fan to do the job of up to 34 traditional fans. An average ceiling or tabletop fan spins several times the speed of an industrial fan. This not only makes the fan noisy, but it also consumes more energy.


MacroAir commercial fans have the latest in innovative large ceiling fan technology, providing a more energy-efficient means of keeping employees comfortable, which helps companies maintain quality work output, a safer environment, and energy savings. Are you looking for warehouse ceiling fans that can provide your employees comfort but also put a little money back in your pocket with energy savings, contact MacroAir today!

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