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Shelby Farms Park TN. Announces Grand Opening for Heart of the Park

Shelby Farms Park has completed its largest improvement project to date. Among the new touches are the FedEx event center, an additional 3,000 native trees, outdoor music stage, and a brand new patio area / “breezeway” complete with MacroAir HVLS ceiling fans to keep outdoor lounging cool and comfortable. The event center and other buildings will be LEED certified to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and resource management.  The ecological restoration of the park will involve transplanting thousands of native trees and shrubs, improved watershed (going from a land-to-lake ratio of 4:1 to 7:1), and water and energy efficient equipment such as energy efficient HVLS fans for guests to relax under. On September 1st at 9 am the park will be officially open to the public and feature a greatly expanded lakefront and several new installations and amenities.

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