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A True Climate Control Solution for the Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga

By opening The Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga, Emily and Adam Bryd brought gymnastics to the next level in the Chattanooga area. Their premiere facility offers competitive gymnastics training as well as a fun environment for recreational gymnastics, cheer, and tumbling.

It was June—just the beginning of the Tennessee summer—and the gymnastic center’s air conditioner was already running all day, attempting to keep up with the heat and humidity. That month, the temperature typically climbed to 90°F with 75% humidity. With their existing system, the renovated 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse could only be cooled to 85°F. To solve the problem, the gymnastics center purchased one 24-foot MacroAir HVLS fan to increase circulation, create a cooling effect, and supplement the air conditioner.

What can an HVLS fan do in a gymnastics center?

1. Parents thrilled with the cooling effect

Gymnasts, parents, and trainers were impressed with the fan’s ability to bring the space from stifling to comfortable. Coach Joe shared, “We’ve had a lot of feedback from parents. Last summer it was a bear in here with the heat. The kids would leave here just drenched in sweat, and sometimes parents aren’t very happy about that. It’s made a huge difference. Thank you so much for this awesome fan.”

2. Owners Convinced of Reduced Utility Usage

Mid-summer one of the center’s air conditioners went out. This situation immediately became sticky thanks to the hot and muggy Tennessee weather. Owner Adam Byrd shared how they dealt with the situation: “We just turned the fan on and cranked it up all the way, every day. I love that fan. Absolutely love it. I cannot say enough good things about it.”

Along with the cooling effect, The Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga found an unexpected benefit: no need to run the heater! The gymnastics center simply ran the fan in reverse, cycling the warm air from the ceiling to floor level. As of March, they still had not turned the heater on all winter.

The Final Word on HVLS Fans at the Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga

Installing a MacroAir HVLS fan was a great investment for The Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga. The gymnasts, parents, and trainers enjoy the cooling effect and the owners benefit from reduced utility usage.