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Feature Story: More Than a Pretty Fan


In the latest issue of Green Building and Design Magazine, MacroAir fans contributed an informative article discussing how MacroAir’s big commercial ceiling fans aid in human wellness, create sustainability and are the perfect fit for a new student hub facility.

Why Big Commercial Ceiling Fans?

The GB&D article features an educational space where MacroAir fans are used to help create human comfort, which encourages the students to learn and collaborate to the best of their abilities. The article also features examples of the cost effectiveness and sustainability that MacroAir fans bring to virtually any space.

“In the summer, if you’re only setting the thermostat to 77 degrees to cool the space instead of 70, you’re saving all that energy. In the winter, when warm air gets trapped up top, run the fan in reverse to push the air along the walls and down to warm up more air.” – Jonathan Hollist, Research and Design Engineer, MacroAir

Spinning Into a Space Near You

MacroAir’s feature story is an example of the growing popularity of big commercial ceiling fans being utilized in spaces to help create sustainability and help the occupants feel comfortable.

Download the article and click the link below to learn more about how MacroAir fans can help increase human comfort in any space.

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