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Why HVLS Fans are Quickly Gaining Popularity in Many Industries

Commercial organizations have needed to heat and cool buildings for as long as they have been around. But in recent years, a cutting-edge method of controlling the climate in buildings has emerged: the HVLS fan. Facility managers, architects, and business owners of all kinds have started turning to HVLS fans for several important reasons.

HVLS fans cut down on energy costs


Unlike HVAC systems, which require lots of money to run at high levels, HVLS fans can be run constantly without using too much electricity. Even large, heavy-duty HVLS fans can run for about a dollar per day. When combined with an HVAC system, they can reduce the amount of tonnage that the system requires by as much as 25%.

HVLS fans are highly efficient at creating airflow

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Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute(CFM). The largest HVLS fans can move over 345,000 CFM and cover an area of over 20,000 square feet. When compared to small pedestal fans, HVLS fans are also very quiet: even running at full speed, top-quality HVLS fans are only about as loud as a refrigerator.

HVLS fans are versatile


HVLS fans come in many different models and sizes ranging from 6 feet all the way up to 24 feet. The various mounting options available mean they can be integrated into all types of ceiling structures. And since HVLS fans can run in reverse to bring the heat down to floor level during the winter, they are useful all year – not just when you need cooling.

HVLS fans improve air quality


There is a host of problems that can result from poor ventilation in your facility. Mold spores, pollen, dust, and other allergens can accumulate and lead to issues like sick building syndrome (SBS). When you use an HVLS fan to increase air circulation, it helps your facility expel stale, contaminated air and draw fresh air into the building. This results in a more comfortable, productive staff working inside the building.

Real-world examples


You don’t have to take our word for it: there are plenty of HVLS fan case studies showing how companies and organizations ranging from hotels to skating rinks to martial arts dojos have installed HVLS fans and taken advantage of their many benefits.

There’s a good chance that your building can reap some of these excellent advantages as well. With the right HVLS fan and a proper installation, you’ll understand why these large fans are gaining so much popularity with a large variety of users and applications.