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Cool Your Garage With HVLS Fans

According to Garage Living, 55% of Americans spend 1 to 2 hours each week in the garage doing hobbies and other activities. With so much time being spent in our garages, ventilation and comfort are important factors to consider. In this blog, we will review why HVLS fans are an effective solution for cooling your garage.

Large Fans Are a Must-Have for Garages 

A home garage is designed as a place to park vehicles or as extra storage space. Even larger garage workshops are built with the same functions in mind. The occupants of garages, small and large are often neglected because garage space is often built without ventilation or exhaust.  Without HVAC or proper ventilation, garage temperatures can be 10 – 18° F warmer than outside temperatures.

Those temperatures can make activities much more difficult to accomplish. Productivity suffers significantly when occupants or workers are too hot in a garage. People are more distracted and make more mistakes due to the heat. If you work in a garage or large automotive workshop, this is probably not news to you. However, you may be wondering, what exactly is the relationship between temperature and productivity in any space?

In a NASA employee productivity study, results showed the difficulty of working in environments with high temperatures. NASA found and reported that temperatures over 80° F have a negative effect on both the productivity and accuracy of workers. And the higher the temperature gets, the more impactful it is on productivity and accuracy. 




Why Large Garage Fans Work Better





  • Why do HVLS fans work? HVLS fans work better than small fans or blowers because of the large diameter of the fan blades. Big industrial fans have longer and wider blades so they can generate larger volumes of air that travel farther. This makes MacroAir big ceiling fans perfect for circulating air in a home garage or large garage workshop.
  • Safety: The airflow from the fans removes moisture from the air and makes the temperature of the air closer to the temperature of concrete floors. This helps eliminate slipping hazards in garages and large workshops.
  • One large ceiling fan has more efficiency: Because of the large circumference, specially designed fan blades, and blade span of MacroAir large ceiling fans, it only takes one of our fans to create balanced and comfortable airflow over more square feet in a garage. Compared to multiple small floor fans to get similar results.

A Breathable Garage

Installed large ceiling fans provide evenly balanced airflow which allows fresh air to reach an entire garage or workshop. Large ceiling fans circulate air, any contaminates left from vehicles, or chemicals in your garage out of an open garage door and the openings in the ceiling. The fresh air circulated back into the garage dilutes the concentrated contaminants, eliminating airborne health hazards and odors.

Whether you are fixing up a vintage car or using your garage for crafts and hobbies, MacroAir fans are here to help you cool your garage and stay comfortable while you do the things you love most.

Is your garage or large workshop uncomfortable or unsafe during the warm summer months? What other airflow solutions have you used to make your garage more comfortable and safe?  Leave your comment below.