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An Architect & Engineer Guide to Fan Selection

As architects and engineers, you understand the importance of considering the functional and aesthetic elements of a building or space when designing a project. MacroAir's HVLS fans play a crucial role in creating a comfortable and efficient environment, but selecting the right fan for the application can be complex. Furthermore, what may seem like the best fan for the job or the most budget-friendly fan for the space, may not actually best suit the facility’s specific demands.

We’ve designed this comprehensive step-by-step guide to fan selection. Follow the steps below to help you begin your MacroAir journey.

Step 1: Assess your space

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the MacroAir product line 

Step 3: Customization option overview

Step 4: Drop length options

Step 5: Mount options

Step 6: Color options

Step 7: Controller options

Step 8: Select your MacroAir fan

Step 9: Access drawings

Step 1: Assess your space

In order for us to make an accurate fan recommendation, you will need to gather and assess the following information. 

For Existing Structures:

    • Building Layout
    • Length and Width of the facility (with Column distances)
    • Ceiling Height
    • Mounting Height
    • Mounting Surface (I-Beam, Wood Beam, Metal Joists)
    • Available Power and location (120v, 208v, 240v, 480v / 1Ph or 3Ph)
    • Photos of the facility

For New Construction:

    • Please have building plans available

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the MacroAir product line

MacroAir product line

MacroAir’s line of HVLS fans includes three premium, ultra-efficient direct drive fans: AVDX, AVD3, and AVD370. It also contains three rugged, tough gearbox fans: AirVolution, AirLegacy, and AirLite. Please know the AirLite is an online exclusive with limited customization options available. 

What is the difference between a Direct Drive fan vs a Gear Motor fan?

MacroAir Direct Drive Fans

    • Use magnets and windings to move the rotor without the use of gears
    • The VFD is integrated into the mounting hardware for some models (AVD370/AVD3), so no external enclosure is needed
    • AVDX can have the control panel as far as 200’ (or more pending Engineering evaluation)
    • Quieter operation for quiet spaces

MacroAir Gear Box Fans

    • Use a series of gears to create torque and move blades
    • Utilize a Variable Frequency Drive (VDF) enclosed 25 ft away from the fan in a control panel.
    • Can incorporate explosion-proof motor (up to 18 ft in diameter) or food grade/stainless options for special/harsh applications.

Fan Comparison with warranty


Step 3: Customization Overview


To simplify your process, we’ve included an overview of what customization options are available for MacroAir fans, including drop length, mount, color, and controllers. 

In addition, most MacroAir HVLS fans are highly customizable, with various blade sizes and motor types. A sales specialist or distribution partner will help navigate those options in more detail to ensure that the chosen fan is tailored to the specific application. 

Step 4: Drop Length

Drop Length

Because direct drive drop lengths vary greatly, we recommend contacting a MacoAir specialist to assist in this process. Specific drop lengths can be found in the specification sheets below.

Step 5: Mount Options


Specific mount options can be found in the specification sheets below.

Step 6: Color Options

Custom color options

Do you or your client have a custom color in mind? We offer customization options to fit the specifics of any business or home. A wide variety of custom color options are available to accentuate any space.  For powder coating colors, please refer to Appendix A.

Appendix A - Powder Coating Colors

Step 7: Controller Options


Specific controller options, along with everything you need to know about each option, can be found in the clickable links below:

Step 8: Select Your MacroAir Fan

Now that you have a selection in mind, it is advisable to contact MacroAir sales specialists or a distribution partner for purchasing assistance. These experts have in-depth knowledge of the various MacroAir fan models and will confidently assist architects and engineers in specifying the correct fan for their specific needs. They’ll help identify key factors such as ceiling height, space constraints, and desired control options, and recommend the right fan to meet those requirements.

Step 9: Access Drawings

Access the DWGs and PDFs for each MacroAir fan under the Architects and Engineers tab on the MacroAir website.

Letting a sales specialist or distribution partner assist in the selection process can save you time, ensure that the right fan is chosen for the application, and ultimately lead to a more successful and satisfying end result. Contact us today by calling 1-866-668-3247, emailing us at, or simply clicking the link below. A sales specialist will contact you promptly to work through the specifications of your project and get you the right fan for the job.

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