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MacroAir Evolves HVLS Fan Category With Release of New Product

AirVolution-D features most powerful, most efficient HVLS fan motor on the market

San Bernardino, Calif. – After spending the last 15 years perfecting high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan technology, MacroAir has re-invented the HVLS industrial fan category with its new product line AirVolution-D. MacroAir’s AirVolution-D is powered by a breakthrough in motor technology, called D-Drive, which is the world’s first compact electric motor capable of handling the consistent torque requirements of a 24-foot diameter industrial fan. At the heart of AirVolution-D is a breakthrough in motor design delivering 50% more mechanical horsepower and 75% more wind power than current HVLS fans on the market.

D-Drive eliminates the need for a massive gearbox, slicing 45% of the weight and eliminates numerous moving parts. AirVolution-D is the most reliable, most efficient, lightest, quietest, smoothest HVLS fan line on the market today. Fans are available in sizes from 6 to 24 feet, allowing MacroAir fans to go into more spaces than ever before. AirVolution-D can be installed in as low as 12-foot ceiling heights and offers custom color options, blending into the aesthetic of virtually any space.

“MacroAir invented the HVLS fan, so it’s only fitting that MacroAir would be the company that reinvents it,” said Eddie Boyd, president of MacroAir. “AirVolution-D is the most cost-efficient fan we’ve ever built because everything from installation, to operation, to maintenance costs have been dramatically improved. It creates a more comfortable and healthy environment for employees and customers in spaces like warehouses, offices, restaurants, public spaces and farms. The applications are endless.”

Competitive Advantages of AirVolution-D:

  • Power – Among HVLS Fans, AirVolution-D has the highest overall efficiency. It delivers 50% more mechanical horsepower that translates to 75% greater wind power.
  • AirBrain Processor – Inside AirVolution-D is a smart processor that acts as the brain behind the fan which can automatically adjust to different power sources and allow users to access real time performance analytics.
  • Highest Efficiency – Even with a smaller profile, the D-Drive motor was specifically designed to perform longer and stronger. Moving air 50% more efficiently and generating 25% more thrust at the same input power than the leading competitor, costing just pennies a day to operate.
  • D-Drive Smart Motor – AirVolution-D’s electric direct-drive motor uses a non- conventional electromagnetic system that represents a breakthrough in torque management, with minimal heat generation while providing high constant torque.
  • 45 Percent Lighter – By comparison to current 24’ fans, AirVolution-D is 150 pounds lighter. By eliminating the gearbox, this loss of weight reduces load-stress and results in a sleeker aesthetic.
  • 50,000-Hour Warranty – AirVolution-D fans are designed to perform longer than any HVLS fan on the market. Run it at any speed, in any environment, and if anything needs repair, MacroAir will fix it or replace it free within 50,000 hours of use—that’s more than 24 years in a typical installation. An industry first.

AirVolution-D is currently available in three model options: 370, 550 and 780. The AirVolution-D 370 combines exceptional power in a compact design with blades ranging from 6 to 12 feet and integrate into most small spaces. The 370 is ideal for ceiling heights as low as 12-feet where traditional HVLS fans simply can’t go. This model is perfect for hotels, restaurants, retailers, and small office spaces.

AirVolution-D 550 is extremely effective at controlling temperature and humidity with blades ranging from 8 to 18 feet. Optimal for medium to large spaces such as auto shops, gyms, and agricultural applications like dairy farms and equine facilities. AirVolution-D 780 is designed for heavy-duty applications, and ideal for extra-large spaces like warehouses, airports, and stadiums. Blades range from 20 to 24 feet and generate 75% more wind power than any other fan of the same size on the market. Both the 550 and 780 models are Wash Down Duty rated. A full list of spec sheets are available at

MacroAir will officially launch AirVolution-D at AIA Expo 2014, June 25-28, in Chicago. MacroAir will be at booth number 4420. For more information or help differentiating MacroAir HVLS fan lines, visit

About MacroAir

Since developing the first HVLS prototype in 1998, MacroAir continues to serve as the “engineers of air,™” through a commitment to innovation and design of the most durable and cost-effective commercial ceiling fans on the market.

MacroAir fans are trusted by companies such as Coca-Cola, CSX Transportation and NAPA Auto Parts, and the company is the exclusive HVLS fan supplier for independent auto dealerships of BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Toyota under their Dealer Equipment Programs. To explore MacroAir’s line of HVLS fans, visit or call (866) 668-3247. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and engage with MacroAir experts via LinkedIn.