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Make Your Workspace Cool and Comfortable Without the Extra Noise

Productive Ambiance

The work environment is a place energized for productivity, motivational and incentive action, with an ambiance that supports performance. The three physical ambient conditions that can affect your workplace performance include:

Cooling a Workspace without Noise MacroAir Fans
  • Noise
  • Temperature
  • Humidity


Consider, the presence of a consistent, whirring noise. Sometimes you notice it, and sometimes you don’t because your mind automatically adapts to it, working to filter it out. These thought processes and adaptation are really mental congestion that can lead to reduced work performance and efficiency. HVAC systems – like air conditioning units or high-speed box fans – are notorious for creating insistent droning noises.


High facility temperatures can make environments uncomfortable. Your body wants to maintain homeostasis so it automatically tries to compensate in a very physical way. This automatic energy use reduces mental allocation and interferes with high-level processing. As HVAC systems have limited distribution of cool air and hot air is more active than cooler air, they create layers of different temperatures, which prevents effective distribution from the traditional air conditioning source.


Humidity causes that clammy, pasty feeling, which is probably the biggest distracter from performance. Dehumidifiers cannot work fast enough to effectively solve such a challenge and HVAC systems do not mix the air enough to stop all the humid air. The only solution for humidity is to keep the airflow constant, allowing equal distribution throughout the facility.

Solving the Problem



To maintain indoor air quality and increase the comfort level and productivity of employees, high volume low speed (HVLS) fans should be considered an efficient and cost-effective solution. Moving air in large volumes provides the following notable benefits, including:

  • Effective and holistic distribution of cooled or heated air
  • Dispersal of humid concentrations and pockets in a working environment
  • Quiet, noiseless technology

MacroAir HVLS fans can be used in your work environment to complement HVAC systems in adverse conditions at a distant location to maintain low noise. Our quiet and efficient fans are suspended from the ceiling in succession to the air conditioning vent to distribute the cooled or heated air, which prevents the concentration of humidity and hot or cold pockets around the room, creating a perfect environment for productivity.

For areas with relatively tolerable temperature conditions, a MacroAir fan is the ideal conditioning system to keep the airflow constant and maintain the temperature and humidity at desirable levels. The slow-moving fan blades create a gentle breeze and are remarkably quiet.

MacroAir fans are the solution to help create and maintain the most desirable indoor air environment for optimal productivity. Use our Fan Calculator to see which MacroAir fan will provide your space with the most efficient air movement.